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About Us


INTERVADA is an entity that procures expertise and services in telecommunications through partner channels of top service provides. Founded in early 2001, INTERVADA’s key attribute is our understanding of information technology and its impact on business. Our clientele projects are best suited to the medium sized corporation and span the industries of Finance, Accounting, and Professional Services.


INTERVADA is a commercial telecom network services provider for enterprise clients of medium company size in the industries of finance, accounting, healthcare and retail.



INTERVADA directly procures services from over 130 network service providers and offers a comprehensive line of network solutions to service the needs of nearly any customer requirement.


Our unified billing platform is provided by a team of 45 people with WCS (Underwriter of wholesale to INTERVADA) that combines our back office procurement and maintenance systems, simplifies contracting, provisioning, billing and technical support process for our clients.


Since 2001, we have been building, selling and implementing carrier-grade, telecommunication networks for enterprise wide connectivity and disaster recovery models for Data Centers and Data Center needs. Our clients range from the sophisticated call center customer to multiple location, high-end technology need clientele.


The INTERVADA Difference

  • Wholesale and direct contracting offers access to over 85 different service providers
  • Full-scaled telecom modeling
  • Problem solving the dilemma of “who” to choose for “what”.
  • Client peace of mind with telecommunication services
  • Service provider agnostic allowing clearly defined options for our client
  • Improved management accountability for telecommunication cost savings
  • Unified billing regardless of number of service providers chosen
  • Decreased telecom cost through reduced amount of client employee involvement
  • Increased reliability of telecommunications services by leveraging the strengths of service provider capabilities, to minimize downtime.
  • The best of what large service providers offer; network connectivity without degradation of customer service, support, and administration
  • Only telecom PLEDGE in the industry… the “NET EFFECT”.